Timing-Belt Drives

Contrary to V-belt drives, timing belts are synchronous drives. The rotation is transmitted in an angle-synchronous way. This is why the official name of this belt is “synchronous belt”. Power is transmitted when the teeth on the belt (positioned in regular distances to each other) fit in the corresponding openings on the pulley. Most timing belts are made of rubber filled with tensile cords made of glass fibre or steel.

The Stemin Breitbach range of timing belt drives includes: SilentSync (EAGLE-Pd) [8M-14M], FALCON-Pd [8M-14M], TOPDRIVE HTD & MUSTANG SPEED & MUSTANG TORQUE [3M-5M-8M-14M], HPPD-PLUS [3M-5M-14M-20M], STS [S3M-S4.5M-S5M-S8M-S14M] und Zöllig (Inch) [MXL-XL-L-H-XH-XXH].

SILENT SYNC (Eagle-Pd) Timing belt Drive

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Unique combination of the SilentSync belts and the sprockets utilizes an Helical Offset Tooth (HOT) design that reduces noise to industry’s lowest level (up to 20 dB(A) is possible). Continuous rolling tooth engagement and flangeless sprockets provide self-tracking, reduced vibrations, greater efficiency and design flexibility. The SilentSync belt (Polyurethane) is also available in... [ read more ]

FALCON Timing belt Drive

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FALCON Belts, with their specially designed tooth profile are a perfect replacement fit for belts on all existing polyChain® tooth profile sprockets. With their in comparison to similar Polyurethane belt constructions, the FALCON has a lower noise level and is much more flexible.

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TOP DRIVE® HTD, MUSTANG SPEED and MUSTANGTORQUE timing drive, with round profile tooth. These belts are suitable for almost any kind of industrial application – i.e. office- and household equipment, printing industry, OEMs and conveyor applications.

  • Pitch = 3M / 5M / 8M /... [ read more ]

HPPD PLUS Timing-belts

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The second generation HPPD PLUS belt can transmit power up to 450 kW. The HPPD PLUS® belts fits HTD or RPP pulleys. HPPD PLUS® timing belts have a parabolic tooth profile which results in lower noise emission.

  • Pitch = 5M / 8M / 14M /... [ read more ]

STS Timing belts

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The SUPER TORQUE" timing-belt has a unique modified round tooth profile that minimizes tooth shear and operates quieter than traditional tooth profiles. It has a low noise engagement and reduced backlash.

  • Pitch = 3M / 4,5M / 5M / 8M /... [ read more ]

Inch Timing-belts

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This is the first generation, traditional timing belt with trapezoidal tooth profile. This neoprene timing belt is suitable for low power ratings and is wide due to its low tooth shearing capacity. This belt is also available as an open-end design.

  • Pitch = MXL / XL / L / H / XH /... [ read more ]

Timing Belt Pulleys Inch / Metric / HTD / STS

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Timing-belt pulleys - Inch / Metrisch / HTD / STS in unbored- en Taperbush... [ read more ]