Tension control systems

Warner Electric offers the most complete line of tensioning products available. Several different types of electric brakes designed specifically for tension applications range in torque ratings from 0,007 through 2.420 Nm. Controls vary from simple manual adjust models through sophisticated closed loop dancer and load cell systems.

Whether tensioning wire, film, foil, paper or steel, Warner Electric offers the right tension system for your application. Let our tension specialists help you design the ideal system for your needs.

Warner Electric capabilities:
• Control technologies from manual operation to closed loop dancer control
• Multiple technologies – Electric, pneumatic and electronic
• Full roll to core control
• Consistent tension, even during flying splices and emergency stops
• Web flutter eliminated to allow better registration control
• Reduction of material waste, downtime and maintenance
• Material flexibility – Thin films, heavy mylar, rolled metals, newsprint, cardboard, laminate foils, wire