Clutches & Brakes

The torque to be transmitted can be switched on and off during both standstill and operation using a clutch. Executions: electro-magnetic, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical. Torque [TkN] up to 1.000.000 Nm.

FEATURES – Clutches & Brakes

  • connect and disconnect two shafts
  • start-up of the drive-N machinery
  • protect the installation against overload
  • limit torque transmittance to only one direction of rotation (overrunning clutch)


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Warner Electric is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial power transmission products that includes clutches and brakes with specially designed controls, providing an unmatched capability to solve the majority of material handling, packaging, and plant productivity applications.

Other major product lines include the broadest range of tension brakes and controls available... [ read more ]

Pneumatic & Hydraulic

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Wichita pneumatic and hydraulic clutches and brakes provide high speed acceleration and deceleration that are essential in today’s process equipment. They are available in a wide variety of designs and mounting configurations and are used extensively around the world in metalworking, steel, pulp/paper, material handling, paper converting, mining and... [ read more ]

Tension control systems

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Warner Electric offers the most complete line of tensioning products available. Several different types of electric brakes designed specifically for tension applications range in torque ratings from 0,007 through 2.420 Nm. Controls vary from simple manual adjust models through sophisticated closed loop dancer and load cell systems.

Whether tensioning wire, film, foil, paper or steel,... [ read more ]

Wrap Spring

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Wrap Spring Clutches & -Clutches / Brakes – These are well suited for performing indexing, positioning and backstopping functions. Wrap Spring units provide a high torque-to-size ratio and are offered as mechanically or electrically actuated units.

The features of wrap spring clutches and brakes; accuracy, repeatability, high torque-to-size ratio, low power consumption and... [ read more ]


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AMOLIX adjustable starting clutches relieve prime movers when starting and enable gradual acceleration even of large masses. The starting time of AMOLIX clutches is adjustable. Also the max. transmittable torque can be adjusted when using the ED execution. By maximizing the torque the AMOLIX clutch offer excellent overload protection. AMOLIX couplings are available in 22 sizes and suitable for... [ read more ]


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RH-Ü overrunning clutches allow to drive shaft and machines first by means of an auxiliary drive at low speed for start-up and, for instance, for setting up, and then by means of the main drive at higher speeds for full load operation, the auxiliary drive then being shut off automatically by overrunning.

Between auxiliary drive and main drive – i.e. cement mills, rotary kiln... [ read more ]