Product in the spotlight: SAFETY COUPLINGS


Machines and (production-) installations nowadays require more and more safety devices to allow the machine or the production of goods to run smoothly and optimally as possible. Should the installation nevertheless fail, it is important to minimize the damage. Safety couplings protect the driving and driven machine from overload. A distinction is made between load-bearing and load-separating torque limiters.


Slip load bearing
Load-holding mechanical torque limiters, better known as slip couplings, effectively secure plants and machine parts against blockages and overloads. Operation of these slip couplings – in conjunction with sprockets, V-belt pulleys and couplings – provide effective protection against extensive damage in the production process. Engine and machine will not be separated from each other in case of an overload. For example: crane-carried load cannot fall down. Their short response time also offers advantages in comparison with electronic safety devices, e.g. cut-off signals via voltage measurement on the motor. They can also be used as component in the production process to prevent a required torque being exceeded, as desired in the case of screw closures.


Engaging load disconnection
Load separating torque limiters quickly and completely separate the drive train. This is advantageous in series production where scrap products due to faulty operating states must be kept to a minimum. The response time is much faster than that of electronic cut-off devices and thus offers advantages due to the time factor, which is also supported by the repeatability. Machines in high-torque applications can also be effectively protected by this type of torque limiter. Even operating torques exceeding 100.000 Nm can be effectively protected against damage and costs.


For both types, we have an extensive range of couplings, suitable for the most diverse applications. HERE you get a first impression of our safety clutches. Of course, we are happy to advise you finding the right solution for your machine or installation. Contact us by phone +31 (0) 88 0776500 or send a mail to