Product in the spotlight: VEBOLFLEX-N


The VEBOFLEX-N is our elastic, robust and puncture proof bolt coupling, that is very suitable for large torques. The VEBOFLEX-N-serie counts 30 sizes for nominal torques from 150 up to 552.000 Nm and is particularly suitable for heavy operation circumstances.


The couplings are made with two flanges, which are supplied in cast iron, ductile iron or steel. The torque transmission is provided by damping NBR bolt buffers, which are distributed around the circumference and radially expandable. This allows you to change the elements without having to move the drive unit. The buffers are available in other materials, like PU.


Because of the elastic elements of the VEBOFLEX-N the forces are, even with minimal balancing errors, distributed evenly – and therefore the load on bolts is reduced as much as possible. The lifespan of both the bolts and the sleeve are now considerably prolongued. This elasticity and damping attribute makes sure a reduction of the critical coupling can be realized.


The VEBOFLEX-N is available in various versions, varying per scope. This coupling is, for example, available as brake disc, brake drum and shear pin versions. The VEBOFLEX coupling is currently used in cement factories, shredders, rubber production machines, mixers, machine pumps and other applications.


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