Stemin Machinefabriek BV, soon known as just Stemin, started in Amsterdam in 1947 with the manufacture of dies, V-belt and flat belt pulleys. Quality at a good price brought success and Stemin was able to move within a few years to a larger production facility in Amsterdam. The company grew steadily to become the Dutch market leader for V-belt pulleys. We still make special designs in house, such as for high-speed applications and applications requiring high balance accuracy.

In 1964, the time was ripe for further expansion. Stemin found space at Lochem on the Twentekanaal where it could further expand the rapidly growing business. Modern production techniques and the first CNC machines were introduced. Stemin began series production of clutches and couplings. Most of the machinery now consisted of heavy lathes with large turning diameters, balancing machines and broaching machines for keyways and splines. In 1970, Stemin decided to supply directly to machine manufacturers from then onwards.

In 1996, the playing field changed drastically for Stemin due to the rise of China as a producer country. By focusing on high-end applications, the company conquered a new market segment where technical know-how, logistics, quality and fast service are paramount. As the only Dutch manufacturer of clutches and couplings, Stemin produced more than 100,000 pieces per year, in 5 cm to 1 metre diameters. The opportunity then arose to take over renowned German competitor Breitbach and so expand the international share of the market.

In 2015, Stemin finally changed its name to Stemin Breitbach and developed the business into a combined manufacturing and trading company. The production of clutches and couplings is the key focus, and the Engineering Department is responsible for top-quality customisations. Together with the Sales Department, we have become a knowledge and information centre for queries related to drive technology. Stemin Breitbach now offers a very full range of mechanical drives. As the undisputed specialist in The Netherlands, Stemin Breitbach is expanding its product range and services with representatives of leading international manufacturers of drive components.