Introducing: Marcel Ebbers: like a fish in the water at Stemin Breitbach

01-11-2019 | Like a fish in the water at Stemin Breitbach Marcel Ebbers has been employed by Stemin Breitbach since the spring of 2019 as a production foreman. His new employer was no stranger to him. "The company where I used to work was a foundry, which supplied products to Stemin," he says. “When that company went bankrupt, I applied to Stemin Breitbach. I already knew the company and also a number of colleagues, with whom I had occasionally brainstormed about products. The transition therefore felt very natural ”. Marcel enjoys working at Stemin. There is plenty of room for initiative ... [ read more ]


03-10-2019 | In the spring of 2019, Stemin Breitbach started using a new, highly advanced balancing machine. This balancing machine makes it possible to balance, measure, correct and control one product in one clamp, without having to take it out of the balancing machine. This saves a lot of time and, in addition, an even better balanced product. Balancing the rotating parts of a machine reduces vibration, noise and wear. Poorly balanced parts can even cause mechanical malfunctions and the part will wear out faster.   The new balancing machine works with a belt drive. This makes it easier to ... [ read more ]


19-09-2019 | Klaas Nieuwland joined Stemin Breitbach in February 2019, in the sales department. He is intended to succeed Bennie Smeenk, who will retire in 2020 after more than 30 years' service. "So I have to take over a lot of knowledge, information and experience," says Klaas. "Fortunately I have a technical and commercial background as well". Klaas will focus on the sales of couplings, clutches and brakes. In addition, his high school education from the old days comes in handy. “From a basic point of view, I am a technical specialist and that is of course very useful in this position. But over ... [ read more ]

Product in the spotlight: VEBOLFLEX-N

13-02-2019 |   The VEBOFLEX-N is our elastic, robust and puncture proof bolt coupling, that is very suitable for large torques. The VEBOFLEX-N-serie counts 30 sizes for nominal torques from 150 up to 552.000 Nm and is particularly suitable for heavy operation circumstances.   The couplings are made with two flanges, which are supplied in cast iron, ductile iron or steel. The torque transmission is provided by damping NBR bolt buffers, which are distributed around the circumference and radially expandable. This allows you to change the elements without having to move the drive unit. The ... [ read more ]

Technical course shaft couplings

30-01-2019 |   One of the major tasks for the FEDA, the industry association for entrepreneurs in drive and automation technology, is the contribution to developing sector specific learning resources. An example are the Technical Courses (Technische Leergangen). This is an easy to read booklet with specific knowledge about the products of importance of the drive technology. As such, there are Technical Courses for hydraulics, gear boxes, piping technology and compressors. These books are gladly used for educating employees as well as in schools and provide an overview of the specific technical ... [ read more ]

Introducing: Rogier van Oosterzee

16-01-2019 |   My name is Rogier van Oosterzee, 37 years old, two kids and working with Stemin Breitbach since January 1st, as a commercial and technical backoffice expert. In the last 10 years, I’ve been working as a sales representative for process engineering components – in The Netherlands and abroad. My full employment history shows the link between technique and commerce, making my new job at Stemin Breitbach a great fit. Of course, mechanical drive technology is something different entirely and this means I will have to dig into the materials, something that is already quite ... [ read more ]

Product in the spotlight: SAFETY COUPLINGS

05-12-2018 |   Machines and (production-) installations nowadays require more and more safety devices to allow the machine or the production of goods to run smoothly and optimally as possible. Should the installation nevertheless fail, it is important to minimize the damage. Safety couplings protect the driving and driven machine from overload. A distinction is made between load-bearing and load-separating torque limiters.   Slip load bearingLoad-holding mechanical torque limiters, better known as slip couplings, effectively secure plants and machine parts against blockages and overloads. ... [ read more ]


30-11-2018 |   In a few weeks already, the year 2018 will end. Due to our inventory and business holiday we want to inform you that we are closed from   Monday December 24th 2018 to and including Friday January 4th 2019.   In this period, we cannot deliver and/or receive products. Please keep this mind when anticipating on the delivery date for ongoing and new orders.   Thank you for your ... [ read more ]


28-11-2018 |   Continental has launched a new laser alignment device for checking and aligning pulleys, the CONTI® LASER ALIGNER. With this user-friendly device you have a professional tool to extend the lifetime of belt drives to a maximum. The benefits at a glance: German-made quality ready to use immediately and intuitively ultra-precise FDA-approved for the food industry CONTI® recommendation for pulley alignment included in the box In short: an indispensable tool for everyone who has to deal with belt drives!   We can deliver this original CONTI® LASER ALIGNER ... [ read more ]

Product in the spotlight: SILENT SYNC drive system

17-10-2018 |   Noise is (still) a great issue in many production rooms. Usage of personal protection wear (like ear plugs) and other measurements can reduce the nuisance. However, the best measurement is, of course, to tackle the noise (nuisance) at its source.   In the world of drive technology it’s a given fact chains as well as V-strings cause a certain sound, a transfer noise. Usage of the SILENT SYNC drives and stings, the transfer noise is between 17 and 19 dBA lower than conventional belt drives! This can be accomplished with the specially diagonal toothed belts that can be used ... [ read more ]

innovation: virtual reality engineering

12-09-2018 |   Nowadays, 3D drawing is the standard for engineering and development. It provides a tremendously different image than 2D and it shows directly how parts fit together. Also, it provides a great impression of how a product is about to look in real life.   The next development is about to arrive: designing in a virtual or augmented reality environment. Virtual Reality (VR) is getting a more common part of everyday life, with a staggering amount of use cases in the gaming industry. The technology allows its users to explore new worlds by entering them using a virtual reality ... [ read more ]

Information: upcoming holidays

27-06-2018 | The summer holidays are coming up. This means our production department will be closed for two weeks soon. This year, our production in Lochem will be out of office from Monday August 6th to and including Friday August 17th. In the week before and after this period, we have restricted capacity. Please keep this in mind when anticipating on our delivery times for our products produced in Lochem, The Netherlands. Our sales team is, as always, ready and able for any kind of contact. Commodities can be delivered during this period of time and for urgent matters we are always able to organise a ... [ read more ]

Product in the spotlight: SAMIFLEX coupling

13-06-2018 | This time, we are proud to introduce to you our SAMIFLEX coupling. The exchange of the elastic element is very simple and fast, and of no need of any special tools. Machine downtime can be reduced to a minimum. And as the holidays are coming up, when most technical specialists are not directly available, this can save time – and thus the costs. The advantages of the SAMIFLEX in an overview: Easy mounting with simple four-piece design Reduces downtime and costs Quick, easy installation without special equipment needed Maintenance-free usage The elastic insert is available in ... [ read more ]

Important note: European Privacy Act

07-06-2018 | In the previous newsletter we paid attention on the new privacy act. Everyone has heard about this and not only from us. We would like to inform you about the measurements we took the last few weeks: We updated our privacy statement and published it online We trained our employees how to act around personal data of our clients Our mailing lists are updated Our ERP-system is cleaned and one year old unused personal information of our prospects is deleted We would like to confirm you again we are most careful with your personal data and we will never provide (or sell) your information ... [ read more ]

Service: Traceparts

16-05-2018 | 3D designing is nowadays the standard on every drawing board. Of course it is nice to see a complete product three-dimensionally and when becomes visible if all parts fit together. Mostly, the drawing part works for our own products. But it becomes more interesting when the whole machine can be displayed. Did you know we have 3D drawings of almost all of our products and you can use these? The drawings can be found in Traceparts, a free database with over 100,000 models. You can find our catalogue here. Of course, we keep an eye open for the trends and developments of virtual reality and ... [ read more ]

Introducing: Our new Stemin Breitbach van

25-04-2018 | Since recently, you can find a striking appearance on on the Dutch and German roads: our new Stemin Breitbach delivery van! Have you spotted it yet? We have chosen a Citroën Jumper 2.0 Diesel, of course with EURO6 engine. Short, manoeuvrable and with markant printing, but with interior space for 3 pallets. This way we can deliver orders quickly and flexibly to our customers and do so in an environmentally friendly manner. This new "employee" contributes to our high level of ... [ read more ]

Information: upcoming holidays

18-04-2018 | In the next weeks we are dealing with a number of holidays. We want to inform you that Stemin Breitbach is closed on: April 27: King's Birthday May 10: Ascension day May 11: Holiday Mai 21: Whitsun Monday Of course we will ensure that this will not affect the agreed delivery times around these dates! Outside these days we can be reached by telephone on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm under the general number +31 88 0776500 or the direct number of your contact person. In addition, we are available 24 hours a day under for ... [ read more ]

Important note: European Privacy Act

16-04-2018 | As you might know, on may 25th the new European privacy act (GDPR) take effect. We highly value your privacy and adjusted our systems to the demands of the new act. The act is defined how to respectfully send out mailing. We would like to keep you informed about interesting product developments in the field of drivers, as well as our developing organisation. We do so being very selective. Nonetheless, you can unsubscribe for our newsletter at all times. If in any case you are not interested in receiving our emails, it is possible to unsubscribe HERE. Of course you can always subscribe on our ... [ read more ]

Product in the spotlight: Warner electric H-Track actuator

10-04-2018 | The engineering team at Warner Linear has developed a new electric actuator with self-contained hydraulic actuation to meet the growing demand for power dense actuators used in a variety of industrial applications including ag sprayer booms, snow plow blades, patient lifts and mower deck lifts. More power in less space The H-Track actuator provides the performance of hydraulics without the expansive space requirements nor the prohibitive cost of full-sized hydraulic systems. The H-Track is a robust electric actuator solution with a force up to 4800 lbs (21.350 N) and travel speeds near 4 ... [ read more ]

Service: Track & Trace information

30-03-2018 | For many of you it is evident with online purchases: receiving track and trace information of your ordered articles, in order to know precisely where the package is and when to expect it at home. In coordination with our dedicated partner GLS, we can now offer this service! The moment your package is picked up, we can send you an email with the link to the track and trace information from GLS. This way, you can check the location of your package and receive an estimated delivery time. Would you like to use this service? Please let us know by contacting your fixed contact person or send us ... [ read more ]

Introducing: Rick van Koot

23-03-2018 | My name is Rick van Koot, 55 years old and I have been working for Stemin Breitbach since August 1st, 2017, as a technical and commercial backoffice employee. My experience as a backoffice worker, specialised in hydraulics for a technical wholesale company, comes in handy. Of course, drive techniques are quite another discipline, but with some help from my coworkers, I am well initiated to this type of work and I can answer you adequately. And if, in any case, I should receive a question I do not directly have the answer to, I can always rely on my colleagues. That is what I appreciate about ... [ read more ]

Product in the spotlight: Warner B-Track K4x

21-03-2018 | We are proud to announce the new Warner Linear B-Track K4x Rugged Duty Actuator. The K4x model is based on the proven K2x actuator with strengthened structure for higher load capability. Strengthened structure for higher load capability Incorporating the K2x features, with a larger ball screw and reinforced gearbox, it is able to push and pull 4,000 lbs (17760 N) force dynamically, and is rated for up to 5,000 lbs (22000 N) static holding. Therewith, the B-Track K4x actuator provides the highest load rating in its class and thanks to an efficient thrust bearing arrangement it can reach ... [ read more ]


14-03-2018 | The SUPERFLEX is a super-elastic coupling, which allows large alignment errors and dampens torsional vibrations. The SUPERFLEX also allows radial mounting. The coupling halves are made of spheroidal cast-iron. Elastic elements are made of natural rubber, NR. Since the rubber elements are prestretched, less strain occurs and the operating life is extended.All qualities together: radial mounting possible allows large alignment errors large torsional angle: up to 20? suitable for nominal torques up to 2400 Nm reduced tensile stress high permissible vibratory torque Extended operating ... [ read more ]


22-02-2018 | An OEM market leader in the field of vibrating sieves and portable screening installations, used for mining and extractive industries, was in need of a robust coupling. It needed to be resistant to high-frequent vibrations and shock loads, inherent to the activities.   During the operations, the granulate is loaded at the top of the machine. Secondly, the material is distributed to the seven sieves, using the vibrations. The result is a sorting of granulate by size, between the large openings in the upper sieves up to the smaller openings in the lowest sieve.   The ... [ read more ]

Introducing: Geert Memelink

14-02-2018 | A personal introduction: my name is Geert Memelink, 48 years old and since December 2016 employed by Stemin Breitbach as account manager for the BENELUX. Stemin Breitbach's main strength lies in the widely used knowledge and years of experience and passion of the employees in this family business.   Stemin Breitbach is, with all due respect, no boxes slider, but focuses on optimizing drive technology challenges in the market. Our goal is to give customers confidence and assurance that the solutions we offer do work in practice. We design, manufacture and distribute switchable and ... [ read more ]