Introducing: Marcel Ebbers: like a fish in the water at Stemin Breitbach

Like a fish in the water at Stemin Breitbach

Marcel Ebbers has been employed by Stemin Breitbach since the spring of 2019 as a production foreman. His new employer was no stranger to him. "The company where I used to work was a foundry, which supplied products to Stemin," he says. “When that company went bankrupt, I applied to Stemin Breitbach. I already knew the company and also a number of colleagues, with whom I had occasionally brainstormed about products. The transition therefore felt very natural ”.

Marcel enjoys working at Stemin. There is plenty of room for initiative and he experiences a lot of freedom to sort things out for himself. “That makes it wonderful to work here, I feel like a fish in the water. You can put your own ideas on the table here, and say: that's how I feel about it, what do you think? ”He also likes the no-nonsense way of working. “When I started here, I naturally got some explanation about the system and how a number of machines worked, but after that it was just getting started. I like that ”.

Marcel is married, has two daughters and one son and lives in Neede. In his spare time he can often be found on the golf course. To play himself, but he also spends a lot of time supervising one of his daughters, who is very talented and wants to become a golf pro. “It takes a lot of time. She plays a lot of competitions in Germany, so that often means getting up early and back home late, Saturday and Sunday, especially in summer time. But that‘s worth it."