Klaas Nieuwland joined Stemin Breitbach in February 2019, in the sales department. He is intended to succeed Bennie Smeenk, who will retire in 2020 after more than 30 years' service. "So I have to take over a lot of knowledge, information and experience," says Klaas. "Fortunately I have a technical and commercial background as well".

Klaas will focus on the sales of couplings, clutches and brakes. In addition, his high school education from the old days comes in handy. “From a basic point of view, I am a technical specialist and that is of course very useful in this position. But over the years I have mainly developed myself commercially. I studied business administration and marketing and worked a lot in sales. I think it is great that I can use both my technical and commercial knowledge here. " 

Klaas is married and has three children, who are now all out of the house. Recently he became a grandfather for the second time. Music is his big hobby. "I play the piano, mainly classical. In the past, I also had my own disco drive-in show; play music like a deejay at all kinds of parties ”. Klaas also enjoys working with computers. “I have built a network at home myself and I maintain various computers in my area. I also love programming, making computer programs myself. " Now that the children have left the house, Klaas and his wife want to look for a somewhat smaller house in a quiet place, close to nature. "But not too far away," he concludes, "because all our children now live within walking distance of us and that is very pleasant".